• Aluminum can recycling equipment

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1.The Xtractor is much more than a simpleThe Xtractor is a specialized piece of equipment based on our Patented High Density Extruder that is specifically designed for removing liquids from aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other liquid containers

2."We would like to thank the great service of Compactors Inc We currently have on board the Vertical Trash Compactor model 4500SS It has been a tremendous help with the recycling of our trash The machine works great and is very friendly to use We have been using this equipment for about four of

3.Used Recycling Machinery As well as providing new equipment, JMC specialise in equipment reconditioning A reconditioned JMC metal baler, used shear baler, used car baler, or used metal shear can offer an excellent alternative to a new machine for those on a limited budget

4.Waste Compaction and Crushing Equipment Newstripe's complete line of PackMaster indrum waste compacting equipment and Big Squeeze pail, can, and filter crushing machine are the ideal solutions to reduce waste volume and increase recycling revenues for any operation

5.Aluminum can baler machine is a popular size reduction machine in aluminum can recycling Truthfully, aluminum cans have been a huge boon to the environment After all, they have proven to be the most recyclable beverage container in the world

6.This Bottle Can Baler is just what you need for baling bottles and cans with liquids in them Up to 4000 aluminum cans filled with liquid can be easily compacted, drained and baled into a 24" x 16" x 24" bale, ready for sale or recycling

7.Metal crusher can process all kinds of metal into small granules, such as aluminum cans, paint cans, beer bottle cap, sheet iron, refrigerators, car shells, etc After crushing, the metal materials will become easy to transport and putting into furnace, reducing transportation cost and increasing feeding efficiency

8.Aluminum Cans Steel Cans Tin Cans Aerosol CansDensACan densifiers produce highly compacted biscuts that are twice the density of normal baling They return a premium price and are approved by all leading aluminum producers, detinners, and the Steel Can Recycling Institute

9.Quality Equipment, Professional Service, And Competitive Pricing Cardboard Recycling Services As your trusted source for cardboard baling equipment and service, you can expect to receive hasslefree service and equipment that is built to handle years of use

10.Recycling from can to iPod Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on an iPod In 2007, in an open letter to Apple, Steve Jobs encouraged the company to expand its own product recycling efforts The company has set a goal of 70 percent recycling efficiency by 2015

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