• Axial distortion

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1.In optics, chromatic aberration abbreviated CA; also called chromatic distortion and spherochromatism is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same pointThere are two types of chromatic aberration: axial longitudinal, and transverse lateral

2.Correction of Axial Geometrical Distortion in Microscopic Images HJ Van Elburg colleagues from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, discuss the extraction of quantitative data from microscopic volume images when imperfectly matched immersion and mounting media result in axial geometrical distortion

3.UniAxial stress This is the case of a single principal stress Distortion Energy at the location of principal stresses,,The distortion energy theory of failure states: WhenYielding occurs in any material, thedistortion strain energy per unit volume

4.To know the axialflow compressor distortion effect, this paper makes an effort to identify the possible effects of distortion under transonic flow conditions Distortion effect is categorized by two subsections The first subsection of distortion effect is finding the blockage between rotors to stator blade

5.The Unsteady Response of an Axial Flow Compressor with a Distorted Inlet Flow Ii Mokelke, Diplhg Univenrty of Cambre Department of Engineering LONDONdistortion is amplified from plane 1 to plane 2 and has altered its shape to an asymmetrvxl one By

6.Experimental Investigation of Inlet Distortion in a Multistage Axial Compressor Razvan Rusu, Purdue University Abstract The primary objective of this research is to present results and methodologies used to study total pressure inlet distortion in a multistage axial compressor environment

7.Greitzer, EM, Technical Comment on "Attenuation of Inlet Flow Distortion Upstream of Axial Flow Compressors," J Aircraft, Vol 9, pp 511512, July 1972 Greitzer, EM, "Upstream Attenuation and QuasiSteady Rotor Lift Fluctuations in Asymmetric Flows in Axial

8.Redistribution of an inlet temperature distortion in an axial flow turbine stage Related Publications Google Scholar Search for other articlesBy author T L BUTLERCombined effects of the inlet temperature and species distortion on hydrogen turbines aerothermal performance Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

9.Axial distortion of airways in the lung J Appl Physiol: Respirat Environ Exercise Physiol 54l: 185190, 1983Axial loads were applied around the circumference of an airway lumen by pulling on a cupshaped anchor that embedded itself in the airway wall

10.Analysis on axial squeeze distortion in resolutionpriority integral imaging display systemsmuch research has been focused on how to improve the performance of an II system Distortion is a fundamental problem in II systems The effects of distorted elemental images on a reconstructed image are analyzed in Refswhich produces an axial

11.The present paper numerically conducted fullannulus investigation on the effects of circumferential total pressure inlet distortion on the performance and flow field of the axial transonic counterrotating compressor Results reveal that the inlet distortion both deteriorates the performance of the upstream and downstream rotors resulting in reduction of total pressure ratio, efficiency and

12. Re: Axial longitudinal aberration Edfrom an academic standpoint, I find the different approaches that lens designers use to create a specific lens design quite interesting, but as an end user, the simple answer tends to be that all lenses are designed to hit a certain price point that the marketing groups hit sales and profit margins

13.Basic idea: Consider a column that is constructed from two pinconnected links with a torsional spring connected between the two links as shown in the figure As long as the two bars AB and BC are perfectly aligned, the system is in equilibrium and one theoretically

14.Housing Distortion Symptoms: High axial vibration @ 1x possibly 2x rpm Axial phase analysis may show phase shift across bearings within component Axial phase analysis may show twisting bearing like cocked bearing 2x Line frequency on motors due to air gap variation, especially radially

15.Looking for online definition of barrel distortion in the Medical Dictionary barrel distortion explanation free What is barrel distortion Meaning of barrel distortion medical termirregular image produced when peripheral magnification is greater than axial magnification See: Petzval surface barrel distortion

16.Strong axial ligands means there is strong interactions and hence there is a large repulsion which causes strong tetragonal distortion between the dorbitals The energy levels in distorted tetragonal are lower than those in a perfect octahedral

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