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1.The GDS Twin Screw is available as stand alone unit, what allows an integration of the unit to existing systems and it is used within our other GDS series GDS7,GDS11 Possible applications are the dosing of CaC03, Talc, pigments, Impact modifier and other materials

2.Getting Into LSR: Part IIChosing an Injection MachineSince the LSR screw injection unit uses a zerocompression screw, there are no feeding, melting, or compression zones Also, LSR molders do not consider residence time when sizing the screw diameter or injection capacityThe dosing equipment a separate unit required for all LSR

3.All Products TOMAL AB PolyRex Polymer makeup unitUse Tomal AB's knowledge and experience to build your own dosing station We deliver complete constructions including silos, archbreaking equipment, shutoff valves, feeders, screw conveyors, mixing vessels and control panels adapted for nearly all industrial purposesCombined with

4.Feeding with high metering accuracy and constancy Capacity range within 02 lh to 77000 lh Gericke dosing systems are delivered as screw feeders, twin screw feeders, vibro feeder or weigh belt feederVolumetric feeders Hygienic twin screw feeder Group companies Gericke AsiaChina Gericke Shanghai Ltd T +86 21 3306 3395 gericke

5.The Buffer Storage vessel provides constant pressure on the suction port of the dispenser, achieving high dosing precision It compensates for any pressure fluctuation and makes it possible to change the barrel without interrupting the process The Buffer Storage volume is about 10 L Application Unit

6.The PCM dosing pumps are designed to minimize losses while offering maximum flexibility The precision and the flexibility are the keys to a perfect dosing PCM provides a wide range of solutions for the dosing of your most valuable ingredients

7.CDS Series Volumetric Screw Dosing Units HighAccuracy Dosing of Masterbatch, Additives and Regrind All stainless steel construction with dosing augertube and separate microprocessor controls A variety of neckpieces is available for mounting the unit at the throat of the machine

8.Dosing unit screw speeds to deliver the exact formulation When the extruder output rate is changed due to process variations or production target changes, the system automatically adjusts the Dosing unit rates to maintain the target formulation percentages n Frame styles for four or six Dosing

9.Overview Dosing screw Dosing system AZODOS Sampling unit Sampling unit type PRA Sampling unit type PRS Sampling unit type PRK Special advantages: Due to its compact design it is possible to remove samples from several pneumatic silos filling lines

10.A volumetric dosing unit offers control A gravimetric dosing system provides maximum control for injection molding and extrusion The actual measurement of lossinweight ensures optimal control over the production process

11.The plasticizing unit melts, homogenizes, conveys, meters and injects the polymer into the mold Thus the injection unit has two main tasks: On one hand it plasticizes the polymer and on the other hand it injects the melt into the mold Standard machines have typically reciprocating screws, which means the screw acts also as an injection piston

12.Volumetric double screw dosing unit with new in" principle Dosing flow ratio 1:225 possible This dosing unit fulfils the requirements of a maximum volumetric displacement at a very high dosing accuracy in a previously unequalled way Conveyor screw diameter 100 mm for coarse flow dosing, and 35 mm for fine flow dosing

13.Metering Screw FeedersSingle Screw Feeders Principle and Operation Metering Screw Feeder also known as Volumetric Feeder is designed to continuously meter all materials from flushing powders to fibrous particulate products at a constant volume to high accuracies

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