• Largest limestone quarry in the world

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1.Countries That Supply HighQuality Limestone Countries That Supply HighQuality Limestone Impressions Marble Los Angeles 0Egypt is home to not only some of the largest limestone quarries in the world, but also one of the most recognizable limestone structures that may ever exist

2.The most famous quarries of the world like Carrara Quarry produce stone for sculpture and decorative building accessories The Portland England Quarry produces beautiful white limestone used in St Paul's Cathedral in London, Eddystone Lighthouse and the facade of Waterloo Station

3.The largest limestone quarry in the world is in the Rogers City and Dundee limestone near Rogers City, Presque Isle County For many years the "fines", or waste rock for which no use was known, were dumped into Lake Huron Now they are being recovered and used in

4.Limestone is a mineral raw material essential in making steel, chemicals, and cement Henry H Hindshaw, a geologist, established in 190809 the commercial value of this area's limestone for industry The high purity of this deposit and the availability of water transportation led to the development

5.The World's Largest Granite Quarry Mount Airy is a small North Carolina town that boasts the largest granite quarry in the world, which is affectionately known to locals as "The Rock" People have been mining the quarry for 120 years, and it has produced granite that has been used to build memorials such as the WWII memorial in Washington DC

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