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1.Mhangura Copper Mine lies approximately 186 km northwest of the city of Harare It is located in the Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe, at approximately 16 53' S and 30 09' E Figure 1 The mine area is surrounded by farmland that is mainly used for maize

2.There were also promising deals to reopen Alaska Mine near Mhangura, Samkange said, adding that during MMCZ's recent trip to China, serious discussions were carried out regarding the closed copper mine

3.Mhangura copper and gold mineralization large scale production from the Mhangura mines These included Mhangura Mine, production stopped in the late 1990s Selenium the mineral occurrence has been noted in the district but no production has ever been undertaken

4.Geologically, Mhangura is one of the largest stratabound copper occurrences within the Proterozoic metasediments of the Lomagundi Basin Mhangura Copper Mines, 1999 The mine's original resource was estimated to comprise some 60 Mt at 12% Cu, with 1520 ppm silver and minor quantities of gold, platinum, and palladium Mhangura Copper

5.The dormant copper assets which the government wants resuscitated include Mhangura Copper Mines, ati and Lomagundi Smelting and Mining "For the past years ZMDC's mining focus had been on diamonds and gold, but now that diamonds are under ZCDC the focus has to diversify to other minerals

6.Mhangura and Alaska Mines are believed to have vast amounts of copper deposits "The mine did not close because it had run out of ore, but because of poor management," Raison Banda, another former mine worker said

7.Mhangura Copper Mine employed more than 1 500 at its peak while Lomagundi Smelting and Mining employed more than half that amount at Alaska Mine Eureka Gold Mine is expected to produce at least 1,5 tonnes of gold annually when it reaches full production in the next 18 months

8.Filing history for MHANGURA COPPER MINES LIMITED FC004682 People for MHANGURA COPPER MINES LIMITED FC004682 UK establishments for MHANGURA COPPER MINES LIMITED FC004682 Overseas company address M J Clinch Esq, Barclays Registrars, Bourne Hse, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckebham, Kent, Zimbabwe, BR3 4TU

9.Mhangura Copper Mine, Lomagundi Smelting and Mining, ati Copper mines Mhangura mine was closed in 2000 due to fall of copper prices Efforts are at an advanced stage to resuscitate the mine in the near future Live Chat ati Mining Atlas

10.The Mhangura Copper Mines Ltd, a subsidiary of Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, operated one of the biggest copper mine in the country here [1] [2] All mining was closed in the late 1990s, due to falling prices on the world copper market

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