• Milling disc

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1.The discs are used for bevelling, leveling of welds or general scrubbing eg root pass cleaning and opening butt or filet welds Suitable materials are all nonferrous metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Carbon Fiberglass, plastics and wood Milling discs are available in diameters of 3, 4

2.Unlike traditional cutting discs, with our milling discs you will notice the kickbacks are drastically reduced and in most cases completely eliminated Very long expected lifetime of disc Each disc has a lifetime before resharpening of 500 hours and they can be resharpened up to 7 times, giving a total lifetime of 4,000 hours

3.Using an indexable disc milling cutters saves time and money over traditional saws Tslotting: Disc mills are available in standard tslot sizes and are very productive compared to traditional tslot cutters Slotting: Typical disc milling application of forming a slot to a predetermined width and depth

4.A disc mill is a piece of equipment used for crushing or grinding These machines can range from small laboratory models that fit on a tabletop to large industrial milling machines in factories and quarries

5.Our discs are compatible with Amann Girrbach, Dentrex Digital, Lava, Roland, ZirkonZahn Weiland CNC milling machines just to mention a few We offer materials for high quality milled dental zirconia or titanium abutments, zirconia or non precious crowns and full contour restorations

6.A disk mill machine ideal for batch or continuous fine grinding of brittle and very hard solid materials Simple cleaning and dust free grinding Precision gap setting adjustment for reproducible results

7.Grinding Discs Are mainly made of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide and other abrasive material, mostly bonded with resin They are suitable for material removing, finishing of stone and metal surfaces We can make grinding discs according to your requirement of different sizes and usage

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