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1.He later gave advice to Parker Schnabel after he finishedTony Beets has earned his major income from his Gold Mining business and a sum from appearing in TV series Gold Rush There is no confirmed earning from per episode, but roughly Tony should be getting nearly around $25,000

2.Parker is one of the subjects of the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush Alaska or simply known as Gold Rush Currently on its third season, the show focuses on the mining of gold placer deposits found in Alaska and the Klondike by various teams of miners

3.The Glory Hole Blog Archive Ten Facts about Gold Rush Alaska Ten Facts about Gold Rush AlaskaI was promised $1000 per episodeThey haven't recoverd enough gold to even pay for the dozer rental let alone fuel

4.The 22yearold lead is best famous as the prominent member of the gold mining show 'Gold Rush' The youngest goldminer in the gold rush enjoys a hefty net worth of around $2 million Parker's current salary is estimated to be $25k per episode, that is $500k per year

5.A frozen cut forces Parker to divert a creek and mine the thawed pay gravel beneath Tony faces disaster when he breaks his dredge buckets and Todd doubles down with a second monster washplantFrozen Pay Season 6 Episode 21An allnew season of Gold Rush gets underway Friday Oct 12 9p on Discovery! Gold Rush Season 9 Episode

6.Gold Rush TV series Jump to navigation JumpThe Hoffman crew mined 803oz of gold earning them over $128 million Parker and Dakota Fred mined 191oz and 163oz, respectively, worth over a quarter million dollars eachThough in the 8th season on Gold Rush special episode "Dozer Dave" Turin announced his wish to get together his own

7.Talking about the least income of the members of Gold Rush is $10 thousand per episode or $200 thousand per year And the estimated salary of Todd is $25 thousand per episode and $500 thousand per year which resulted in his net worth as of 2018 to be around $5 million

8.Gold rush tv show [archive] the michigan sportsman forums i have a pos job and made more than they did per gold in thatdid you hear the dad cough when gramps schnable said go ahead with another $150,000 to parkerhow much per episode do the cast members of gold rush get paid

9.parker pay per episode gold rushgold rush alaska pay per episodeSolution for ore mining parker pay per episode gold rush Grinding Mill China Jul 01, 2012 How much do the guys on the show gold rush get paid per episode 2012 How much does Discovery Channel pay the guys on Gold Rush Alaska

10.Parker Schnabel's Girlfriend The term "gold digger" normally refers to a woman but in Parker Schnabel's case, he literally was digging for gold! As many may remember, the Gold Rush star was in a relationship with his Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle

11.Although he may be Gold Rush's youngest cast member, Parker Schnabel's huge fan base following the show has earned him the highest pay of about $10,000 per episode and with the show having about 23 episodes per season, his major salary per seasons is worth $230,000

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