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1.Marble was called, at the time, as white stone or Pentelic, Hymettus or Parian stone, and apart from the quarries of Paros and Naxos that were already famous since the Archaic era, the exploitation of the Pentelicus quarry began in the Classical era

2.Greek white marble color ranges from crystal pure white eg Snow white Thassos to white background with light or heavy grey, beige or brown veins eg Volakas marble Most of the Greek white marble are popular, but White Thassos marble stands out

3.We deliver Thassos marble, Volakas marble, Arabescato marble, Kyknos marble, Pirgon marble and Draco marble to the worldOur facilities in Thassos Quarry Greek Stones View our complete product line in Greek Marbles Collection Thassos VolakasMarble Greek is quarries owner, producer and exporter of quality marble from Greece Our

4.Discarded column in the ancient marble quarry on the promontory at Aliki, Thassos, Greece, Greek island, September, Aegean seashore and marble rocks in Aliki, Thassos island, Greece White marble quarry

5.John Papagiannoulis Bros SA is stone supplier from Greece, owns quarries in Thassos and Volakas and supplies a large variety of marble from Greece and other countries, welcome to buy top quality Greece Thassos marbles and Volakas marbles from Greek marble quarry owner John Papagiannoulis Bros SA directly

6.Welcome! MurStone and it's quarry and manufacturing partners represent one of the world's largest resources of natural stone like marble, granite, quartz, onyx, limestone and other beautiful natural stone for interior and exterior applications We are working close with the world's leading quarry owners and manufacturers in Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, India, China and other countries, to

7.Thassos marble Thassos snow white marble exporters Greco Marble SA Premium quality marbles from the island of Thassos, with the expertise of Greco Marble SA since 1981 Thassos marble tiles and a variety of Thassos snow white marble in blocks, offcuts and squared slabs of various thicknesses are produced in our marble quarry in Greece

8.Topalidis SA Marble Granite Marble from Greece: Thassos white, Ariston white, Volax white, beige marble in block, slabs, plates, tilesDue to marble, granite, limestone and travertine being natural stones, quarry blocks, slabs, tiles are all liable to vary in colour and veining

9.Skaris Export Ltd Stone Companies, Greece Skaris Export Ltd is a quarrying, international stone trade, and subcontracting companyOwn quarry of Thassos Snow WhiteSupply of Thassos, and all types of Greek marble in form of blocks, slabs, tiles, cuttosize, architectural items and pebblesConsulting services for stone subcontractingImport and trade

10.Information about Thassos white marble quarries of Greco Marble SA From Thassos Quarry directly to our production for processingThe quarrying activities on the island of Thassos date back to the ancient Greek times where stonemasons from Paros Island migrated there in order to initiate business activities with the white Thassos marble

11.Thomaidis hellenic marble is the vanilla marble quarry owner and marble distributor in Greece THOMAIDIS HELLENIC MARBLE Follow us Contact [email#160;protected] +306980042268 Address 9km ThivaChalkidaThassos white marble slabs Thassos white marble slabs Thassos white marble slabs Thassos slabs Volakas P 4jpeg Venus k2 2jpeg

12.Thassos Extra Marble mmg vanity tops Thassos White Marble Quarry in Greece THE CHALLENGES The MMG took over Private residence project in April 2000 and managed to deliver extremely rare white Thassos Marble from Greece not only in time, but before deadline!

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