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  • Contrast of CS Cone Crusher and HP Cone Crusher in Operation

Hydrocone crusher has become the main force in stone crusher team by virtue of its high productivity and stable performance. It has been a very popular type of crushing equipment in mining area. Hydrocone crusher mainly includes single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher(cs cone crusher) and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher(hp cone crusher). And this passage mainly introduces the comparison between cs cone crusher and hp cone crusher in operation.

Contrast on the adjusting mode of their discharge ports

The adjustment of cs cone crusher discharge port is realized through single hydraulic cylinder lifting the moving cone. Cs cone crusher can easily realize automatic adjustment of the discharge port in the production process, at the same time, automatically display the discharge port size.

If users want to adjust the discharge port size of hp cone crusher, they must close down the equipment when there isn't material in its crushing chamber. Then, they can loosen the lock hydraulic cylinder and start the hydraulic motor on the adjusting ring. After finishing the discharge port adjustment of hp cone crusher, fasten the hydraulic cylinder again. The discharge port size of hp cone crusher must be manually detected.

Contrast of their overload and over-iron protection performance

CS cone crusher is very sensitive to provide overload and over-iron protection by setting single accumulator pressure.

HP cone crusher needs to set multiple accumulator pressure. Because this action cycle is long and the lock cylinder pressure is too high, so the overload and over-iron protection device of hp cone crusher is insensitive.

Contrast on whether CS cone crusher and hp cone crusher can realize the load start

Normally, cs cone crusher can start the operation with load, and it is simple and effective.But hp cone crusher must be started without load.

Contrast on whether CS cone crusher and hp cone crusher can work in no-load condition

Cs cone crusher can have normal operation in no-load condition without special requirement.However, hp cone crusher cannot reach the safe no-load operation.

Contrast on whether feeding materials must be full of the crushing cavity during production process

During the crushing process, users needn't feed the materials full of the cs cone crusher crushing cavity. But it is more advantageous for cs cone crusher operation when the materials are filling with its crushing cavity, which can ensure the normal production capacity, standard product fineness, and the uniform wear of cs cone crusher liner.

For hp cone crusher, it must work in the condition of materials full of its crushing cavity. Otherwise, the eccentric sleeve of hp cone crusher will inevitably be severely damaged.

Thus it can be seen that cs cone crusher has more superior performance in the operation then hp cone crusher. Users can select one according to your own production demands. If you have more questions on the selection of hydrocone crusher, please consult FTM engineers online freely, they will give the best satisfaction for you.

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