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  • Tips for Aiding the Poor Capacity of Symons Cone Crusher

Although Symons cone crusher price is higher than that of other crushing machines, Symons cone crusher capacity is stronger than that of other crushers. Symons cone crusher can meet the high-yield requirements of customers and can crush the high-hardness rocks and stones. Now that the customers have chosen the relatively expensive crushers, it is consequent that they have great expectations for the Symons cone crusher capacity. However, sometimes it will get the opposite of what they want. Today, FTM engineers will provide some useful tips for you. As long as customers could pay attention to the following factors during the production of Symons cone crusher, they can effectively improve the Symons cone crusher capacity.

1.Right conveyor belt specification.

The specification of conveyor belt should be adjusted to the maximum processing capacity of Symons cone crusher.

2. Right vibrating screen.

Select proper sieve mesh specifications for the pre-screening vibrating screen and closed-circuit vibrating screen.

3.Keep the smooth crushing operation of Symons cone crusher. 

Observe and clean the Symons cone crusher regularly from the bottom of Symons cone crusher discharging outlet to the top of conveyor belt. In particular, it is necessary to prevent foreign matter from blocking in the lower part of the dustproof ring.

4. Select the right crusher according to the feeding material size.

According to the size of feeding material, select the Symons cone crusher with correct specification, model and crushing chamber type.

5.The particle size ratio of the feeding material should be suitable. 

If the quantity of the material that is smaller than the discharge port size during the feeding process is more than 10% of all materials, the Symons cone crusher capacity will reduce.

6.The right feeding speed.

The feeding speed should be even in the production of Symons cone crusher. If the materials are fed unevenly into the equipment, Symons cone crusher capacity will decrease and the finished product size will be too large. In addition, the concave surface of Symons cone crusher will have the partial wear and uneven thickness, so that the service life of Symons crusher will be shorter.

7. 360-degree range feed.

Materials should be filled with the 360-degree range of the Symons cone crusher cavity, otherwise, the particle size of finished product is too coarse.

8. Adjust the gap of discharging port as requested.

·In order to ensure that the granularity of finished product is qualified, it is necessary to adjust the gap of discharging port as requested.

9.Keep its lubricant temperature in the 21-54 ℃ safe range.

·The lubricant temperature of Symons cone crusher should be kept in the 21-54 ℃ safe range. If it exceeds the safe range, the main motor will have the power fails condition under the control of oil temperature gauge, which will affect the normal operation of Symons crusher.

10.The transmission belt should be installed properly.

 The transmission belt cannot be installed too tight, otherwise it will cause the early wear of bearing, and the transmission shaft rotation is not flexible or in breakage. And the transmission belt can't be too loose neither, otherwise it will cause the blocking run of Symons cone crusher.

11.Observe and do the real-time record.

 During the operation of Symons cone crusher, it is necessary to observe whether the voltage, current, lubricant temperature and lubricant pressure are normal and do the accurate record at all time.

Besides, a Symons cone crusher has a lot of spare parts, so users should pay attention to every step of its operation. And users also need to work well on the daily maintenance of the Symons cone crusher so as to ensure its efficient operation. Fote Machinery hopes these techniques could play a certain help for you. More information about Symons cone crusher, please consult us online for free.

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